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Dolores Cannon and synchronicity

Dolores Cannon (1931 - 2014)
Yesterday morning, Dolores Cannon died peacefully in her home with her family at her side. She was 83 years old. I heard the news about her passing yesterday afternoon through a message on facebook. Later that evening, while at my desk, I heard a 'ping' from my computer meaning an email had just arrived.

It was from Katy Walker, and she wrote:
Hey Mike, have you thought about having Dolores on the show? This book is fascinating. I'm trying her technique this next week, where you bypass the fear and can recall clear memories. I'll be asking about our experiences and let you know if anything comes up. Here's the pdf version of one of her books.


There was an attached PDF of The Custodians, the only book of Dolores’ that I own and have read.

As I was reading this email from Katy, my computer started 'pinging' and I watched as 19 more emails arrived in my in-box, all of them the same message from Katy. I sat there for the next couple of minutes and watched (and listened) as these duplicates arrived one after another.

image of my  email in-box with 20 repeated messages
- click on image for a HI-Rez view -
I replied telling Katy telling the sad news, that Dolores had died this morning. And also telling her that I was am being flooded with her repeating message into my in box. She replied to me this morning saying: "Sorry about that, it's bizarre, I was just trying to send one email, very strange, not sure how that happened..."

It was just two days ago that I cleaned up a short essay about Delores for my owl book. In her book The Custodians, she describes seeing an impossibly large owl in the road near her home in Arkansas (see this excerpt BELOW).

Katy is also featured in this owl book, she was part of a film crew that caught a UFO on video while shooting images of owls for a documentary on synchronicity. So, two people are connected with this odd event (well, three if you include me). All of us are featured in the owl book project, and this flurry of twenty repeated messages about Dolores Cannon arrived on the day of her passing.
~ More on Katy's UFO and owl experience HERE.
~ More on Dolores Cannon HERE.

 to read about Dolores' owl experience, click on the link below 

NOTE: This is an excerpt of a book-in-progress. This will be part of the screen memory chapter. What is posted below is slightly longer than the version that will appear in the final book. Please do not duplicate any of this essay without permission from the author.
Dolores Cannon and a huge owl

Author, hypnotherapist and researcher Dolores Cannon wrote about an unusual owl sighting in her 1999 book The Custodians. She has no good answer if what she experienced was a projected screen memory orchestrated by alien beings or if she was, in fact, seeing a real owl.

She was driving home from a meeting of colleagues where they had been discussing metaphysical matters. This would have been late at night, well after midnight and sometime during the winter of 1988. She lives on an isolated forest-covered hilltop in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas. She had just driven past her nearest neighbor’s gate, over a mile away from her home, when she saw a huge owl standing in the middle of the road. She writes:

I drove right up to it and it wouldn't move. It just kept standing there, apparently mesmerized by my headlights. It’s head was even with the top of the fender, so I could see its huge unblinking eyes quite clearly. I honked and came closer to it. I didn't want to hurt it, just to make it move out of the road. It then turned and flew very low to the ground with a large wingspan, and alighted just out of the range of my headlights. Once again I approached it and it wouldn't move until I got right up to it. Then it would fly a short distance again, alight and turn to face the car. 

This continued all the way to my gate. It would stop at various places in front of my car, and just stare unblinking at me. Each time it took several seconds to make it move. I laughed because it seemed very peculiar. I was not afraid of it. I kept talking to it, asking it to please move because I didn't want to run over it. I could have several times, because it would not budge until I came right up to it, and honked. This slowed me down considerably as it stopped and then flew low to the ground a short distance and landed again. Finally the last time it flew to the other side of the entrance to my driveway and just stood there while I turned in.

When she got home she told her son-in-law about this huge owl, large enough so that it could be seen staring at her over the hood of her car when she was up close to it. Because of it’s strange behavior, she wondered if this could have been some sort of screen memory of an owl, but didn’t seem to fit with how she felt in the moment. She never experienced any fear, only amusement. She checked the clocks when she got home that night and there was no missing time. 

Years later, in 1996, the strangeness of this event came rushing back with a tinge of apprehension. Ms. Cannon had just completed a lecture tour in Scotland and England and had a few days without any obligations. She made use of her free time by visiting the Natural History Museum in London.

Museums and libraries are my favorite places. I wandered... from the main hall, where the giant reconstruction of a dinosaur stands, to the side rooms where every species of animal is preserved in cases. It was in the bird room where I was taken off guard. In one case all the species of owls were displayed. What shocked me and sent chills down my spine, was that none of them were as large as the one I saw on the deserted road years before. None of these could have been seen over the fender of my car. 

As I stared at them in wonder and perplexity questions flooded into my mind. What did I really see that night in the road? Did I have a similar experience to the ones I was investigating? Did something else happen that night? I never thought so at the time, and just considered it a curiosity. But now I know that if something did occur it was a gentle and easy preparation for the work I do, and it was definitely not to be feared. I am not saying this was an example of contact with alien beings. I am just saying that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the cases I have since investigated.

* footnote: page 40 - 42, Dolores Cannon, The Custodians. Ozark Mountain Publishers, 1999

This story involves a hypnotherapist who was actively involved in psychic investigations, but she had only just started to make a change in the direction of her research, moving towards the UFO phenomenon. It was shortly after the event on the lonely road with the huge owl that she began to dig deeper and meet with witnesses who had seen and experienced UFO contact. This eventually lead to out and out communication with these alien beings through her use of hypnosis to explore past lives. She later states that the weird owl sighting seems to have been preparation for her work as an abduction researcher.

I need to add that Ms. Cannon is a somewhat controversial figure in the community of UFO researchers and experiencers. She puts forth ideas and conclusions that can make the nuts and bolts crowd cringe with dismay, and at the same time she has a devoted following of true believers. She travels the world giving presentations as well as teaching her hypnosis techniques. She certainly doesn’t look like what you would expect of a decidedly new-age spiritual teacher, she could easily be cast a the quintessential grandmother in a TV commercial for Hallmark cards. 

Her ongoing research involves taking her patients to a deep level of hypnotic trance and then guiding them through their past lives. While they are under, she will receive channeled communications from these hypnotized patients. Her patients will speak in a voice not their own, the source will say that it is a benevolent alien. Ms. Cannon will ask questions and get answers, and what gets spoken from this otherworldly sage is elaborate and fascinating. These dialogues will get cut off when the session with one patient ends, only to start up again, right where they left off when she works with her next hypnotized subject. These psychic exchanges from the great beyond have generated the core material for (at last count) 17 books.

Ms. Cannon’s description of the owl is highly unusual, both in its height and behavior. The only North American owl that even comes close to this size is the great gray. With a maximum height of 33 inches (84cm). It’s habitat is almost entirely in Alaska and Canada. So, it’s pretty much impossible that she could have encountered an owl big enough to literally look over the hood of her car, especailly down in Arkansas.

What did she actually see that night? Paranormal researchers will commonly get reports of outlandishly strange animals; eight foot tall Sasquatch, huge lake creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and even Pterodactyls in flight! More believable are the sightings of unusually huge black dogs that are seen in places that have had a history of paranormal events. Great big black pumas are commonly reported in the British Isles, this is a cat that is certainly not native to those regions, and when investigated there is no evidence of any escaped exotic pets or big cats missing from zoos. The file cabinets of the paranormal investigators are full of  unusual animal sightings that should be impossible, but they are continually reported none the less.

Also of note, my friend Natascha studied past life regression with Dolores Cannon and our night of terror in the tent happened in Dolores Colorado, both written as Dolores C.


Anonymous said...

Extremely interesting. It would be fascinating to have her hypnotism sessions turned into audios, although patient confidentiality would then be compromised I suppose. Will look into her books. Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

I dreamt about an owl last night, I was on-board a space ship at the time! The owl was very wonderful I remember that, the driver of the ship was my cosmic Christ xx I looked up the symbolism on Google and found your site with the above post. Life is amazing xx
Thank you!

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Descanse en Paz

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Can I get anyones opinion on Dolores Cannon re that her books mention that she was told she would be alive to see the help come to the earth.. but she died.. so any thoughts on this now? I love her books!!! But Im a bit perplexed by this fact.

Sonia Devi Noir said...

Help is here... We have to listen

Chicago kid said...

She may be here in spirit form or come in a new body?

Kristoffer Absulio said...

I've been very curious about past life regression. I guess my curiosity has led me here.

Kristoffer Absulio said...

I've been very curious about past life regression. I guess my curiosity has led me here.