Friday, August 15, 2014

Did You Hear? UFOlogy is Dying. Again.

Christopher Knowles posted an article in The Secret Sun, in response to another article declaring (yet again) the death of ufology. He writes:

New York Magazine spends the slow weeks of midsummer declaring "The End of UFOs!" The title is a major misnomer, as the article in question is actually about the latest death of UFOlogy (or UFOOLogy, as it's alternately known). UFOlogy has died so many times I've lost count... __

The New York piece makes this very important observation:
None of this, however, was a reason to close the books on flying saucers. This would be impossible, since if you happened to have laid eyes on something you sincerely believed to be a UFO, it tends to stick.

I will never be free of that cold winter’s night in 1989 when, along with my wife, I saw a saucer-shaped object fly down the East River and soar beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. The way the craft seemed to coquettishly blink its lights as if to say, "even here, I appear, and then disappear" told me, that against all rationality, this particular interface with the ineffable was meant for me.

  read the full article HERE  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Paracast comments on the recent Open Minds article

My pal Red Pill Junkie contacted me the other day and told me that the hosts of The Paracast had mentioned my Open Minds article during their Aug 3rd show. It was interesting to hear them talk about it, I feel they got my intentions wrong, but it was good to hear their musings. They also got their guest, Stanton Friedman, to comment on the article. Again, I feel they missed the gist of what I was trying to explore. I felt I was simply reporting what several abduction researchers had concluded.

  one-click audio download HERE  

So, I did a rather long-winded (26 minute) reply along with the commentary by the hosts, Christopher O'Brien and Gene Sterinberg along with Stanton Friedman himself.

The full Paracast episode is posted HERE. And, the article in Open Minds is linked HERE.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the possible unsettling implications of UFO sightings

The website OPEN MINDS just posted an article written by me. It explores the conclusions that some abduction researchers are coming concerning UFO sightings. The implication being that many, if not most UFO sightings have a buried abduction component.

  read the full article HERE  

This article for OPEN MINDS came about during an audio interview I did with their editorial staff. I spoke with Jason McClellan, Maureen Elsberry and Alejandro Rojas about their roles as full time UFO journalists. During that interview I was pestering them to dig deeper in their articles, to go "below the waterline" and write about the weirder aspects of the UFO phenomenon. I think I was almost, but not quite, acting rude.

During that interview, Jason suggested I write an article for the site. So, this was my response to his suggestion. I feel I tried point out some of the "weirder" stuff that I feel the nuts and bolts folks seem to avoid. This is what I feel I am pretty good at, bringing up the weirder aspects in a fairly grounded way.

The idea for the article came from a series of conversations I had with Elaine Douglass. I quoted an article she wrote for the MUFON journal, linked HERE. I consider Elaine's article required reading!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dean Radin's extraordinary synchronicity

Dean Radin tells an amazing story. Well worth the 7 minutes. More from Dean in this wonderful conversation with Jeff Kripal, in the player below. Dean is the author of several books, including Entangled Minds and The Conscious Universe, linked HERE.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

podcast 42 Minutes

The Lorenz system
This image represents a system of ordinary differential equations, first studied by Edward Lorenz. It is notable for having chaotic solutions for certain parameter values and initial conditions.

  one click audio download HERE  

Yesterday I spoke with Will Morgan and Douglas Bolles at the synchronicity focused podcast 42 Minutes. We spoke about a divers set of topics, including the Lorenz Attractor, the image show above. We also dug into Chaos, Synchronicity, Owls, UFOs, Grey Alien, Mind Control, Messenger, Dream Analysis, Queen Of The Night, Shamanic Awakenings and the Spiritual Path.

A recommended discussion.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Queen of the night

The Burney Relief and myself, London. 
Click on any image for a hi-rex view.
If you google the words OWL and GODDESS, The Burney Relief will come up at the top of the list. I know because I've been digging for these words and how they connect. I was recently in London and my hotel was just a few blocks away from The British Museum (home of the Burney Relief). Curiously, I was staying at the Hotel Athens, Athens named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom with a companion little owl.

Anyway, I walked to the museum, and found it within minutes. It as rather small given all that has been written about it.

It is a Mesopotamian terra-cotta plaque depicting a winged, nude, goddess-like figure with bird's talons, flanked by owls, and perched upon supine lions. The relief, know as The Queen of the Night, has dated it between 1800 and 1750 BCE. It originates from southern Iraq, but the exact site where it was found is unknown. There is much debate whether the woman represents Lilith, Lilitu, Inanna, Ishtar, or Ereshkigal. Also, is she a goddess or a demon? All these points are unknown, but open to endless speculation, making any research a bottomless pit of wishy-washiness.

I recognize the temptation to cherry pick the available data (and there is a lot of it), then latch onto someone's conclusion that matches my own avenue of thought. I reference the Burney Relief in my ongoing book project as well as my presentations. All I can really say is that this image seems to represent something more demonic than the goddess Athena (also seen with owls), and that the myth of Lilith was that she could shape shift into an owl, fly at night and drink the blood of babies. So, this tablet might represent the more ominous aspects of the mythology of owls.

the card accompning the Burney Relief
What I can say is that this image is really tidy. As an artist, I am impressed with the simple use of symmetry, and the stylization of the owls and the lions. What is also interesting is that the woman's face is a little bit sloppy and poorly proportioned. From my own direct experience, it is terribly challenging to capture the subtleties of the feminine face. So, I can sympathize with the artist.

The Burney Relief

Saturday, July 12, 2014

thoughts on past life hypnosis session London, July 2nd 2014

I sat on a reclining chair for over three hours with a hypnotherapist by my side. Her name is Lorraine Flaherty. Dear God, I am beside myself as I type this. I feel great, but what I went through would be hard to describe. I sobbed uncontrollably for I am not sure how long. It was a past life session, with only a little bit about the UFO stuff. What emerged blew my mind. 

I wrote that on a beautiful summer afternoon in a London coffee shop about an hour after the session ended. The story that I whispered from that chair was exceedingly dramatic, so much so that I am cautious to believe it entirely. It might be a metaphor, or it might have happened just as I described. What emerged was a brutal account of vanity, alcoholism, beatings, blindness and suicide; all from some previous life in the British Isles.

Before the actual session began Lorraine asked me some questions about what I was hoping to uncover and solve with the hypnosis. We spoke for a few minutes, and I tried to describe some of my issues, something I've gotten quite good at after being in and out of therapy for decades. I've had a lifetime of clinical depression, and this can manifest itself as a kind of sallow lifelessness. It can feel like my feet are trapped in cement, I told that to her as a way to describe this oppressive sensation of being stuck.

 this is a long essay, read more below 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

report from the UK

photo by Robbie Graham
Leeds is the city of owls. The Leeds municipal building, just opposite the conference venue, is adorned with an absurd number of owls. I had just finished a very successful talk where I shared my owl research and my own ongoing experiences.

I received this note via facebook last night:
Thought you might like to know that on the last leg of my journey home, within 5 mins of reaching my house, an owl flew across the front of my car. The sync made me smile.
Also, there was a woman on the left side of the auditorium (the side nearest the lectern) who was visibly flinching to some of my comments. My sense was that my stories were hitting home for this person. I was heartened during my talk that I might have been connecting with some of what I was sharing. If anyone knows this person, I would be most interested in asking a few questions.

peace from the island of my ancestors,
Mike C

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Budd Hopkins on TV in the late 80's

Footage from a talk show appearance with Budd Hopkins around the time of the publication of his 1987 book Intruders. Also on stage with Debbie Tomey, the real name of Kathie Davis. The stories told on this show were quite new at the time. That said, it is curious as to how little has been added to the overall pool of knowledge after a quarter of a century.

Also of note: Some audience members are seen wearing HUGE glasses, unlike Budd who has rather normal sized glasses.

  a collection of documentaries on UFO abduction liked HERE  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hidden Hand is now available on NetFlix

now on the mainstream 
James Carmen's documentary The Hidden Hand is now available on NetFlix.  I can recommend this film highly. The comments are worth skimming through. Yikes, I'll say that a lot of those folks commenting doesn't read this blog. Like this:
Attention Tin Foil Hat People! This is your kind of doc....I'm outta here. Stupid, just plain stupid..
Well, I just gave it a good review with lots of stars, which it deserved! And, I was honored to do an interview last year with James (linked HERE).

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

audio conversation with Kewaunee Lapseritis

Author, researcher and contactee with both
Sasquatch and the UFO occupants
I read the The Psychic Sasquatch shortly after it first came out in 1998. I had come across whisperings of psychic experiences as well as UFO sightings, in connection to Sasquatch, but this was the book I had ever read on the subject. I was kind of mystified, and the one question that was in the forefront of my mind, was who was this author? Well, I met him in February of 2014, and after about ten seconds of talking with him it all became clear.

Kewaunee Lapseritis is a tall strong man who stands straight up with a power that that impressed me. He spoke about his experiences with both ETs and Sasquatch with a forthrightness in a way that I found oddly soothing. I liked the guy enormously.

  one-click audio download HERE  

Just a few days ago I finished reading his most recent book, The Sasquatch People. On one level the book is an endless set of reports, one after another, of people’s interactions with big hairy people in the forest, but each story had a psychic element, or something multidimensional or ETs were involved. Literally hundreds of these reports within these pages.

I think anyone who looks into this stuff has a continuum of how they frame what they are Well, Kewaunee is way out at the far edge of the continuum of what I’m capable of believing. In a lot of ways, he is saying things I have heard repeatedly from contactees, but from the UFO end of the spectrum, not from a Sasquatch perspective. So, I was both challenged and delighted by both his book and this conversation.

Kewaunee’s website HERE, and his books can be found HERE.

If you have a personal Sasquatch experience, I am certain he would love to hear it! You can contact him through his website HERE.

We jumped right into the deepest waters with this talk, if you want a good intro to his ideas and research, click HERE.
Kewaunee Lapseritis, AS, BA, MS, is a holistic health consultant, social scientist, masterh herbalist and master dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and holistic health. Kewaunee taught anthropology for one year at North Adams State College and later taught dowsing and psychic development at the Wisconsin Society for Psychic Reasearch. He has the researched the Sasquatch phenomenon for the last 55 years. Mr. Lapseritis is both a Sasquatch and ET "contactee."

Monday, June 9, 2014

the reoccurring message

a quote that has the ring of truth

As I proceed forward, the idea of shamanism, or more specifically the role of the shaman, has been welling up in my work and I am trying to pull on those threads. 

Last week I spoke on the phone with Joe Lewels, Ph.D., the author of two books I really like, The God Hypothesis and Rulers of the Earth. I contacted him specifically to ask about shamanism. He had spent time with Dr. John Mack, they traveled together throughout Mexico talking to shamans about their connections with other realms, and how could this be the same realm as the UFO occupant.

One of the things Joe spoke about (and was in his books) was his feeling that he survived his time as a pilot in Viet Nam by direct intervention from some other realm. I also asked Joe if he had any UFO contact experiences, he said he had asked himself that same question, and feels strongly that he hasn’t.

Then I had two amazing conversations over the weekend, one on Saturday evening and the next on Sunday morning. The first was with a woman who I had talked with three years ago, and I wanted to check in again just to hear how she was doing. She experienced a profound missing time event in her car, that plays out like a textbook abduction event. Afterwords, through a series of synchronistic and psychic experiences, she was compelled to begin a Norse tradition of shamanistic practices. She ended up moving to a home directly across the street from a Civil War cemetery, and this unleashed all kinds of paranormal weirdness, including seeing Union soldiers in her yard in the middle of the night.

The next morning my phone rang and the voice on the other end was nervous and apologetic. It was from a young man who said he felt compelled to call me. What followed was a two and a half hour conversation where it seemed both of us was confirming and validating the others experiences. It was as if we each had missing puzzle pieces and we were handing those pieces to each other in a way that helped shine a light on both of our overall experiences. It was really powerful sense of connection. Like the call from the night before, this guy had textbook contact events, he was compelled to follow a Norse tradition of shamanistic practices, and he was in the military.

The themes of these phone calls all overlapped and intertwined. As I write this there is a feeling of one long blurred communication, albeit it with three different people.

What we all agreed on was that, collectively we as humans, are dangerously adrift. Something is terribly wrong and we don’t seem to have any tools to alter what feels like train track heading toward some sort of doom.

I told all three folks that I have a working model for how I have been framing these contact experiences. It feels like the UFO abduction lore is playing out like a shamanic initiation, and the experiencers I interact with all seem to be playing the role of shaman, or at least some facet of that kind of work. I talk to a lot of people claiming the UFO contact experience, and pretty much all of them are channelers, Reiki masters, psychic mediums, healers, therapists or they are writing a book in the hopes of helping other experiencers. (This comes up again below)

In my notes from these calls I found this scribbled at the edge of the page: idea for a new book, shamans are being created, or forced (forged) by these entities. This idea was explored in John Mack’s 1999 book Passport to the Cosmos, he argued that direct UFO could be compared to a shamanic initiation. 

Here are some quotes from Joe from our conversation. He was articulating what I have been feeling.
I see see whats called the alien abduction phenomenon, and I don’t like that term… lets say experiences with non-human intelligence… and the people who are having these experiences are, many times rather unwillingly, being dragged into a shamanic apprenticeship. The people having these experiences are being taught how to heal, they are consciousness is being elevated, they are being given opportunities to help people. Many of them will leave their jobs and then become reiki masters and massage therapists and hypnotherapists, and all of these can be seen as forms of shamanic activity…

We need shamans, and if society doesn’t provide them, the universe will.
During our conversation I shared some of my own stories, and he listened closely, taking on the role of therapist. Then he spoke directly to me:
Follow your heart is the opposite of following your brain. You are following your brain and not your heart, that's what I see. You’re trying to reason this out logically and objectivity and objectivity is just an illusion, there is no such thing so you are waisting your time being logical. It sounds to me like your guides are pushing like hell to get you to move forward and you are just kind of digging your heels in. Anytime you are doing something that helps people, you are on the right track. Just jump in with both feet, you’re on the right track.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Audio conversation with the crew from Open Minds

UFO journalists Jason McClellan, Maureen Elsberry and Alejandro Rojas.

Jason McClellan, Maureen Elsberry and Alejandro Rojas talk with me about their roles as full time UFO journalists at Open Minds. We also dig into some of the challenges of putting on a UFO conference as well. I asked them their thoughts about the divide within the UFO community of researchers and enthusiasts, the divergence between the "love and light" crowd and the "nuts and bolts" crowd. Those might seem strong terms, but there is a whole lotta truth in these caricatures. I really noticed this tension when I was at this years conference as a speaker, my talk was decidedly on the "love and light" side of that divide.

You can get a DVD copy of my talk at the conference HERE.

  one-click audio download HERE  

We talk together for about an hour. At the end I've added about an excerpt from an interview with Richard Dolan that happened in March of this year. The extra clip is about twenty minutes long, and we address some of the same issues that showed up in the opening part of the podcast. This interview with Rich is recommended, linked HERE.

I have some strong opinions of the modern cable TV reality show that is framed as a documentary, it is a form of filmmaking that I find difficult to watch. That said, I'm including an episode of Uncovering Aliens (featuring Maureen Elsberry) that I found to be pretty good. One thing that is interesting (and funny) to me is the "Odd Couple" of Darryl Simms and Steve Jones. Felix and Oscar for the 21st Century.

Friday, May 30, 2014

crumbly, but good...

unparalleled brilliance
I love this so much it hurts.

Mac Tonnies posted this on his blog in about 2008. Since then I've probably watched this funny little clip a thousand times. I'll probably watch it a thousand more times, and I'll revel in each and every viewing.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

audio conversation with Bret Oldham

author and experiencer, Bret Oldham
Bret is the author of the book Children Of The Greys, his own account of a lifetime of traumatic alien encounters. In this interview he shares the emotions of his own challenging interactions with these small gray beings. He describes mind control experiments, sexual interludes, healings, unexplainable scars, hybrids, an incredible multiple abduction with another witness and a fetus being taken and the bizarre paranormal connection. The book concludes with theories and insights into the possible alien agenda by some of the leading experts on UFO and alien abduction.

  one-click audio download HERE  

Here is Brett's website, Children of the Greys. Here's a way to order his book, both paper and Kindle (HERE).

I was cautius not to have Brett simply re-tell some of key experiences in his book. He has shared those durning other audo interviews, so no need for him to repeat himself n this show. If you want to hear more of these stories, this is a pretty good interview (HERE), as well as the youtube link below.

this is a good retelling of some of Brett's experiences

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Niara Isley in conversation with Richard Dolan

I want to formally thank both Richard Dolan and Niara Terela Isley for this heartfelt interview. I feel I know both of of these people well, and I absolutely trust their sincerity. I am commending them for talking so openly about the trauma and challenges that define these kinds of experiences.

The overlapping of the UFO abduction experience with hidden military programs is perhaps the most difficult aspect of this entire phenomenon.

This is an important interview.

Niara just published a book, it is on my desk and I have yet to read it. I have talked to her enough, and listened to other audio interviews, that I know there will be some dark events in her story.

Link to Niara's site HERE, and you can order her book Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Journey of Spirit Retrieval and Awakening, on her CreateSpace page, linked HERE. You can order a Kindle version HERE.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Vesica Piscis and the thing in my eye

Charles Gilchrist on Sacred Geometry

The other night I received a message from a reader who has also had life events that certainly imply some sort of direct contact experiences. He noticed something in his own artwork, and then found it in a drawing I had done. What was revealed to me ties back to a lot of other events, and these are all linked here on this post. These divergent threads are all tangled and overlapping, and this messy jumble seems a deeper clue that it's all real, at least to me.

In October of 2009 I saw something within my own eye, I was diagnosed earlier in the summer with a slight cataract on the lens of that eye. What I saw in October is described in this two part series of posts, part ONE and part TWO. Whatever it was, it was within my eye, and only I could see it. As strange as it sounds, I immediately recognized the image was a combination of a gray alien, a seated Buddha, a scull—and me!

the initial pencil sketch, this feels very accurate
a color rendering using the pencil sketch above
Here are two drawings of what I saw. The pencil sketch was made as I lay on my living room floor squinting into the sun, and then sketching what I saw using a clip board. The color rendering is more what it looked like, as if the image was emerging (and refracting) through thick glass.

What is more curious is the shape that emerges in the way the two circles overlap. I was informed by that reader that this is a essential element within the study of sacred geometry. He linked me to a video presentation by an artist named Charles Gilchrist (a guy with "Christ" right in his name) and he nicely explains the formation of this series of shapes.

Given this, and if the image in my eye was actually a caricature of myself, then the Vesica Piscis frames my heart chakra, so right on for me!

from mandala to the shape in my eye
Here's a short excerpt from Charles Gilchrist's intro to sacred geometry:
The Circle is . . . THE ALL. This is the essence of Mandala: The Circle holds ALL.

These two overlapping circles with a common radius, create the second enclosed form of Sacred Geometry. The ancients called this archetype. The Vesica Piscis. (black shape)

ALL FORM, literally ALL the dimensional forms of this cosmos evolve from this football like shape . . . The Vesica Piscis.

The Vesica Piscis is literally the womb of the universe . . . the ever unfolding Mother of Sacred Geometry.
compare and contrast 
What is even more curious is that the Mandala is the foundation to these shapes. This leads back to another two part posting where i tell of a shared event in 2010 with my close friend Natascha. As far as I can tell, I was abducted from a tent after both of us experiences profound irrational fear. Interwoven into this already weird event is an even weirder reference to a mandala and that thing in my eye. The story of this frightening event is linked in part ONE and part TWO.

the mandala is seen as I was floating upwards

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Hobbit and Sword and the Stone

One more excerpt from the work-in-progress, the owl book.
Owlamoo drawn by J.R.R. Tolkien, 1928

Author J.R.R. Tolkien made this drawing of Owlamoo, he drew it to allay the fears of his eight year old son Michael, who had been having nightmares of an evil owl. This owl would perch atop high furniture and picture frames, glaring down at the boy. Tolkien said, “I tried to draw Owlamoo from his descriptions, which seemed to rob it of terror.” He created this highly stylized owl in 1928, nine years before the publication of The Hobbit in 1937. Any abduction researcher would take keen interest when a child tells of nightmares involving glaring owls, the implication being that this might be some sort of screen memory.

Owls get mentioned a few times in The Hobbit. When Bilbo Baggins was spying on the Trolls he was to "…hoot twice like a barn-owl and once like a screech-owl…" as a way to signal the Dwarves. For an author so deeply steeped in the mythological the owl is, for the most part, absent from any of Tolkien’s books.

The owl plays a bigger role in a counterpart work of English fantasy. T. H. White published The Sword and the Stone in 1938, initially as a stand-alone work but eventually as the first part of a trilogy, The Once and Future King. This first book is a fantasy re-telling of the boyhood of King Arthur under the tutelage of the wizard Merlin.

rationalism vs mystisism
White’s novel features a talking owl, Archimedes, as Merlin’s side-kick. The name Archimedes is an overt nod to the ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer. The wizard and his owl represent two separate lines of ancient wisdom traditions. Merlin as the master of esoteric magic and Archimedes as Greek Rationalism. The imagery of the wizard and his little owl is wonderful in it’s symbolism, it perfectly personifies the western cultural idea of the wise owl.

Walt Disney later adapted Sword and the Stone to an animated film and it was released on Christmas day, 1963. An apt date given that it’s the story of a boy who performs a miracle and is later crowned a king.

Gandalf reads about Merlin
Both Tolkien and White present us with a wizard with a long white beard and a tall pointed hat, and both authors use legend and fantasy to define something idealized in the English character. These two enduring works emerged right on the heels of each other, The Hobbit in 1937, The Sword and the Stone in 1938. One year later, in 1939, England would be at war with Germany. Neither work is a harbinger of doom (like the folklore of the owl), and neither is propaganda, but each seems more a glorified call to define what is best within it’s home culture.

Also, White’s The Once and Future King was the inspiration for the Broadway musical Camelot, as well as Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

audio conversation with Trish and Rob MacGregor - The Synchronicity Highway

authors Trish and Rob

Synchronicity (or meaningful coincidence) has been at the forefront of both Trish and Rob's journalistic output for the last bunch of years. The cover the topic well, with a focus on the stories as well as the speculation of what it might mean. Their latest book, a follow up to Aliens in the Backyard, is The Synchronicity Highway, with the sub-title, Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal and Alien Contact.

  one-click audio download HERE  
one hour long
~ The Synchronicity Highway paperback version HERE, the e-book version HERE and the audio version HERE.

~ Audio interview for Aliens in the Backyard HERE

~ Audio interview for The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity HERE

~ Recent interview with Trish and Rob on Unknown Country with Whitley Strieber HERE

During our talk, we discuss the odd events surrounding Katy Walker and how she accidentally videotaped a UFO while filming owl murals in San Francisco. There is a clip (blow) that shows the footage. A weird overlapping of owls, UFOs and synchronicity.

curious footage from 2013 
Note: This interview was originally posted on May14th 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

a REAL owl plays a pivotal role in last nights dream

this morning I heard the mournful hooting
of a great horned owl out my window

I had a dream last night that was interrupted, or maybe punctuated, by the call of a great horned owl. I am writing this within minutes of getting out of bed.

The dream started in a bland suburban setting, and I was standing out in the driveway of a house that I assume was mine. The other homes were spaced sort of far apart, it was summer and the lawns were green. The sun was low in the sky and everything was calm.

Then I saw there was a grizzly bear poking around on the lawn across the street! At first I didn’t feel nervous or threatened, it was an amazing sighting. Then I realized this big thing was sort of lumbering towards me, and I retreated into the garage.

I went into the house through the inside garage door, but I realized there were a bunch of doors from the garage into the house (I think as many as six), and they were all slightly open. I quickly went into one as the giant bear entered the garage. I locked it from the inside, but typical of this kind of anxiety dream the whole thing felt awkward and frustrating, I needed to force the bolt in place.

I went to each door, one by one, and locked it from the inside, and each door was progressively more flimsy and each lock was harder to latch closed. I could tell the bear was right outside each of these doors. Just like me, it was going from door to door, and each was just a little bit open as I got to it, so I could see the bear as I pulled it closed.

Eventually, the doors would just barely close, as if they were sized wrong for the frame. The locks were broken, and parts would fall off as I tried to get them to work.

The final door was nothing more than a small sheet of thin plywood, far too small for the door frame. It was barely hanging in place on deteriorating hinges. The plywood was warped and rotten, and I could see the bear over the top and sides of it, slowly coming towards me, then his big paws were reaching through the open spaces as I frantically tried to somehow get it locked.

Suddenly I was hearing the hooting cry of an owl, steady and clear. I could hear it as this bear was pulling at this thin sheet of plywood with it's claws.

It was at that point I woke up, but the hooting continued. I lay there in bed, with the pale light of dawn easing through the only window in my bedroom. I was hearing the unmistakable call of a great horned owl, and it must have been on the telephone pole right outside my window.

Let me state this nice and clearly:
A real owl woke me up 
right as a bear was about to rip down a door!

I was going to get up to see if I could get a look at it, but it stopped before I could muster the energy to climb out of bed. I lay awake for a long time, deeply impressed at the symbolism of the dream, and that a real owl would invade my dream-scape just as a bear was about to pull down the final flimsy barrier between me and it. (Bear? Barrier?)

I have lived in this cabin for over 20 years, and I’ve occasionally heard an owl, and very rarely seen one nearby. But starting at the end of March of this year, I’ve been hearing them outside my bedroom window and they’ve been waking me up, something that’s never happened in the decades I’ve called this my home. (see THIS and THIS)

And in the essay Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO abductee I come to the conclusion that the owl plays the role of an alarm clock. A real owl blatantly played that role for me!

Yesterday, I saw a mother owl with two fluffy owlets in a nest (see below) on my daily bike ride to town. And, last night was the full moon.

mother owl and owlets 
from today's small town newspaper

How to analyze the symbolism? 

Maybe the bear is the truth and the flimsy doors are the crumbling barriers between me and that truth? The owl was saying (quite literally) WAKE UP! Bear is bare, the naked truth. Bare also means to suffer a burden. Anyway, this is sure how it feels.
Text added May 16th (the day after the posting above)

Another persons dream:

I know a guy who has had a lifetime of what sure seems to be abduction events. He also had a grizzly bear dream the same night as I did, the morning after the May full moon.

We talk together quite a lot, and we’ve had a few other shared dreams. I spoke with him last night, and he told me about his grizzly bear dream.

This guy’s dream starts in an idyllic forest where he sees a grizzly bear on the opposite side of a river, it’s just sniffing around and he feels no threat. The whole seen is beautiful and majestic.

The next thing he remembers is a small house, he walks up to the side door and knocks on it. He peers through a window into the house and sees a woman walking up to the door, and walking behind her is this massive grizzly bear.

She opens the door and the grizzly bear comes out. They guy then moves behind the corner of the house. He know if he runs or panics the bear will chase him down and kill him.

He ends up moving away, and the bear follows him, they both end up right in front of the garage. The bear has done nothing threatening, it is just lumbering along and sniffing around. But this guy is very aware of the danger. Then the bear looks up at him, and he thinks, “Oh F*ck!” It’s right at this point he wakes up.

There are so many elements that feel similar to my dream and his. The grizzly bear and the garage are the most obvious, but the feel of the dream is similar.

This guy is about to undergo hypnotic regression in an attempt to retrieve what might be buried memories, and this has been (understandably) a looming stress for him.

We both saw the bear as representing fear. Or more correctly fear of the unknown. I feel my bear (from my dream) might represent the unknown truth, or fear of the unknown truth. We were in agreement about all these facets of the grizzly bear symbolism. I sense that this lumbering fear is something deep inside, and it's following both of us.